Report processing API

You can request to process your report using API. Here we have extended BBB API. So, you'll require to follow same procedure as you are doing for BBB API. You can find details from here:

Here 1 extra API method for this purpose:

1) processMynaReport


1) processMynaReport

You can request up to 10 requests at a same time. After that need to wait until those 10 requests will finish process.

Resource URL:[parameters]&checksum=[checksum]


Param Name Required/Optional Type Description
internalMeetingID Required String This is internalMeetingID that you got during call create API. Note: This isn't your application's meeting ID but internalMeetingID which was sent when you had created meeting using create API call.
reportCallbackUrl Optional String

The callback URL in which our system will send POST request when the processing will be finish.


Example Requests:

Example Response:

<message>Your request in progress.</message> </response>

If you have sent reportCallbackUrl value then our system will send in that URL a POST request including status, internalMeetingID & reportUrl. The value of status will be either success or failed. Remember, the URL given as reportUrl will be URLEncoded & remain valid for 2 hours only. The URL will contain a json file in where you'll get all information of the meeting.


Note: You won't be able to request report of meeting older than 10 days. Report can only process if you had set value of record to true during call create API otherwise you'll receive error status. Recording the session isn't mandatory but recording feature can't be disable. If you want to restricted user to be able to start recording, you can use allowStartStopRecording to false. You can read more from here: