How to generate MP4 recordings in BigBlueButton

1. To generate recordings in MP4 format, first of all, you need to record the session and get the original BigBlueButton recordings. See the screenshots and enable recordings on your session.

2.  After that, find your recordings in your user panel. See this screenshot


3. Click and get the inside page of recordings 

4. There is a column for MP4 Status, click Start process to request your MP4 Recordings. 

You will receive an email notification once MP4 recordings are ready. 

You can watch it or download from the link or from the user panel. 


Note: If you recording's length too long like more than 30 minutes or 1 hour, you may receive file in webm format but that file will play from any devices or player without any problem. Later you can convert it to MP4, if you really require but most of the time don't require. We are doing so to save time & deliver you the file soon.


Those are the steps of getting BigBlueButton recordings in MP4 format. 

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