BigBlueButton Live captioning and translation

Improve listening comprehension for online classes

Live Captioning

To make your class fully accessible to persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have other communication needs, you can add live captioning to your class.
Once this is done, BigBlueButton will process your speech into text without any input from you.
When these are live subtitles, they will be visible at all times for everyone in the lecture hall to see.

Subtitles Translation

This feature allows instructors to provide lessons in multiple languages with BigBlueButton Online Classroom
Simple click CC on the control bar to see a list of available languages, then select your desired subtitles.
This feature is ideal for language learning or foreign language courses.

Chat Translator

This feature can help bridge the linguistic gap between students. This feature also helps to increase comprehension, so you can help reduce language barriers by providing a real-time translation of chat messages.
In order to use chat translation, make sure you have your language source selected in the Translator tab of preferences.
You can then start a lecture and when people join the room they will see their incoming message translated into their preferred language.

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