BigBlueButton past meeting info API

In MynaParrot BigBlueButton, you can get past meeting information by Meeting ID. By default you will not be able to find past meeting activity records from the BigBlueButton API but using this method you should now be able to retrieve past 20 activities for a given Meeting ID. Below are the steps for using this new process with BBB API. Here, we have extended BBB API. Thus, you will need to follow the same procedure as for the BBB API. You can find details from here:

Here 1 extra API method for this purpose:

1) getPastMeetingInfo


1) getPastMeetingInfo

Resource URL:[parameters]&checksum=[checksum]


Param Name Required/Optional Type Description
meetingID Required String The meeting ID that you need to get information. This should be your system's unique meeting ID from where you created the meeting.


Example Requests:

Example Response:

            <meeting_name>MynaParrot Test</meeting_name>


Note: The value of "joined" may not be correct. This value is the last five minutes before meeting ended for users who have joined. To generate more accurate and detailed reports, you can use MynaParrot BigBlueButton Report Generation API.

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