Report processing API

You can request to process your report using API. Here we have extended BBB API. So, you'll require to follow same procedure as you are doing for BBB API. You can find details from here:

Here 1 extra API method for this purpose:

1) processMynaReport


1) processMynaReport

You can request up to 10 requests at a same time. After that need to wait until those 10 requests will finish process.

Resource URL:[parameters]&checksum=[checksum]


Param Name Required/Optional Type Description
internalMeetingID Required String This is internalMeetingID, not your application's meeting ID but the one that was sent to you when you successfully created a meeting via create API call.
reportCallbackUrl Optional String

The valid URL in which our system will send a POST request when the processing is complete.


Example Requests:

Example Response:

<message>Your request in progress.</message> </response>


If you've sent reportCallbackUrl then our system will send POST requests to it with status, internalMeetingID & reportUrl. Status will be either success or failed; the url given for reporting is URLEncoded and only stays valid for 2 hours. The URL will contain a json file that contains information about the meeting inside.


Note: You can't request a report for meetings older than 10 days. The reports are processed only if you set the value of "record" to true in the create API call; otherwise, you'll receive an error status. Recording a session isn't mandatory but it can't be disabled. If you want to restrict users from recording their meeting, use allowStartStopRecording to false. You can read more from here:

You can also use MynaParrot BigBlueButton Past Meeting Info API to get internalMeetingID too.

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