How to convert your BigBlueButton recordings to MP4/WebM video file

The original BigBlueButton recordings are good but must be played within the browser, so sometimes you will request a video format. In this way, you can use the content for different platforms. This is the reason we created the MP4/WebM video converter for BigBlueButton recordings as an additional feature to our MynaParrot BigBlueButton clients. It can convert BigBlueButton recordings with just one click. Keep in mind that you must download the file within the 7 day time period, and once this time is up, we will delete it from our server. It can't be generated again.

Here are the steps for converting your BigBlueButton recordings to MP4/WebM

  • Step 1: log in to your account.

On the left navigation menu sidebar, Navigate it like this: My Classrooms==> My Recordings.

You can also go to this page with this direct link My recordings

  • Step 2: Find your recordings.

You will find all of your recordings on this page. Filters are available to help you find the specific recordings you're looking for as well.

  • Step 3:Convert/Download

On the column of MP4 Status, you can request to convert your BigBlueButton recordings to MP4/WebM or download the file if it's ready.


These are the rules you need to follow when using our MP4 converting system for BigBlueButton.

  • You will receive a notification email when the converted file is ready to download. Still, keep in mind, please download the file within 7 days.
  • After 7 days, only the video files converted from your BigBlueButton recordings will be deleted. Your original recordings stay safe in your account.
  • You can only convert up to two of your recordings into MP4/WebM at one time. You can't request new files until the previously sent requests have been completed.
  • We have this limitation of the system is that we need to make sure all clients can generate files. To do this, we have a queue on the backend so requests based on date and time are processed in the order. If there are no limitations, it might be that some of the customers cannot download any recordings because the servers are busy working with one particular client who has many requests.
  • Recording lengths over 30 minutes or 1 hour will have the file sent in WebM format. WebM file is playable on any device/player. Later, if you need to convert it to MP4 format, you can do so easily. We are doing so to save time and help us deliver the file soon.


MynaParrot MP4 converter exclusively for our clients.

MynaParrot has developed many extended features based on BigBlueButton that are valuable to educators and students. The MP4/WebM video converter is just one of them, but definitely the most exciting for those who prefer a different format or would like to use their recordings in other places besides on the web. This extended feature will be available exclusively with our MynaParrot BigBlueButton clients, so if you're already using it, then this should really excite you!

If not yet convinced about how powerful such a tool can be for your classrooms, consider these benefits:

  • You get access to an online conversion system with simple one-click;
  • The total number of recordings converted to MP4/WebM is unlimited.
  • Exclusively only for mynaParrot clients. No additional charges apply.

If this sounds like something that could help you, then feel free to experience it for yourself! Grab your trial here


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