How to integrate MynaParrot Reseller System to WordPress site?

To ease the work of our reseller partners, we have developed the MynaParrot reseller plugin to integrate our reseller system with WordPress. With this plugin, you can do the following.

  • Create a subscription package plan and link the package with MynaParrot reseller resources. 
  • Users can check BigBlueButton API information at the WordPress user panel and can do a single sign-on to the MynaParot reseller system for further resources management. 


Step 1. Install plugins. 

At this step, 2 additional plugins need to install on your WordPress site.  

   1.1 MynaParrot Reseller Plugin (Please ask mynaparrot for the installation zip file to be able to install it on your WordPress site) 

   1.2 Membership Plugin ( here we have 2 options)  

     - Memberpress 

     - Paidmembershipspro 

Both will work and have the free version. If you need more advanced options, then you need to pay for the upgrade.  

Step 2. Link WordPress membership plugin with mynaparrot reseller system. 

At this step, you need to create the subscription plan and link it with MynaParrot reseller resources. 

   2.1 Get API information from mynaparrot and input it to your mynaparrot reseller plugin  

   2.2 Create membership product at membership plugin  

      Example for Memberpress  

      Example for Paidmembershipspro  

   2.3 link the membership product with the mynaparrot reseller plugin  

Step 3. Publish the link for the user to sign up.  

At this step, you can publish the link to the proper area of your website to get your potential customer to sign up.

Step 4. User login.  

At this step, the registered user login to the WordPress site and goes to the profile page. The user should be able to do the following.  

   4.1 - User can check their basic information on the profile page. It includes the BigBlueButton Host URL and Salt key.   

   4.2 - User can single sign-on to the MynaParrot reseller system to do further management of the resources.  

Kindly Reminders. 

  • You need to keep your reseller site home page published; otherwise, single sign-on doesn´t work.  
  • The reseller site admin account cannot do a single sign-on from the WordPress site to the reseller system.  
  • If a client account already created in your reseller system, you need to import those users to the WordPress site. make sure clientID=username and email are the same


After you successfully created this user in your WordPress, then login to the site and go to the profile page, you will see it like this. 

Those are the steps for the integration with WordPress. 

With this option, you can do more customization on your WordPress site. Or build a new WordPress site only for the reseller business. 

If you want to learn how our reseller system works, you can look at this video. 



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