7 free open-source video conference systems

Video conferencing is becoming more common in our daily lives. Almost everyone will need to use video conferences to work, study or have fun. There are many reasons to use video conferencing, but one of the main reasons is that it can save you time and money.

There are many different video conference systems available, but not all of them are free. Here is a list of 7 free open-source video conference systems that you can use for your next project.

The new open-source video conference software makes it simpler to integrate and personalize your video conferences.

People are relying more and more on internet-based video conferencing to conduct activities. It's becoming a part of everyone's daily lives. We've used the most popular video conferencing applications, such as ZOOM, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and others. The market is flourishing, therefore companies are developing new items to meet the unique demands of the consumers.

Nowadays, more and more people are searching for a video conferencing solution that may be readily integrated with their current systems and is flexible based on their unique branding or feature needs.

That is why MynaParrot created this innovative video conferencing software, which we call plugNmeet because the name says it all: it's simple to plug and meet.

This blog will look at this new program and see what the differences are and how they plan to fulfill the demand.

Switched from ZOOM to BigBlueButton for an Online Classroom Solution: Here's Why

When it came time to find an online classroom solution, we looked at a few different platforms. We originally chose ZOOM because it was the most popular platform at the time and had great reviews. However, after using it for a while we found that there were some features that we really wanted that ZOOM didn't have. So, we decided to switch to BigBlueButton! In this blog post, we'll talk about why we made the switch and what benefits BigBlueButton has over ZOOM.

Is BigBlueButton 2.4 safe to upgrade now?

The latest version of BigBlueButton was released on December 20th, 2021. The first edition is 2.4.0. After a month of working, the most recent version is 2.4.2. Is it okay to upgrade now? Let's have a look at this topic in more detail.

Is it possible to run your own Video Conference Platform?

Despite the fact that online meetings are here to stay, the most straightforward answer isn't necessarily the greatest.

For most companies, the epidemic has been a severe disruption, but some have benefited. Delivery services, internet grocery stores, and video streaming sites have all grown rapidly. Zoom is one of them.

Zoom's growth isn't simply a function of providing the proper service at the appropriate moment. There were several online meeting platforms to select from, such as 8x8, Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams, but Zoom was the one that broke out of the corporate world to allow remote pub quizzes, online fitness sessions, and virtual family gatherings.

Users find it simple to use, which is a benefit. Zoom made it very simple to invite non-subscribers and have them join your meetings. It became an obvious default alternative for businesses seeking a reliable, known mechanism for employees to communicate during lockdown in the first half of 2020, owing to its name becoming synonymous with video conferencing.

Now, although pandemic limitations are finally subsiding, many businesses want their employees to work from home at least part of the time. And for firms that decided on Zoom – or any other service – early in the pandemic, this raises a significant concern.

How to use custom CSS style for BigBlueButton RTMP?

Nowadays, live streaming is extremely popular. As far as I can remember, these trends appeared because of Twitch. tv. After the appearance of this platform, one could watch gaming streams in real-time with other gamers all around the world. 

But people are not only watching other people playing games while they sit back and relax. Nowadays, there are many webinars, online conferences, lectures, and video calls that are streamed all the time. And this trend will continue appearing for sure!

In this post, we'll look at how we'll use BigBlueButton to live stream and how we can change the CSS style.

Top LMS plugins for WordPress

Whether you want to learn how to code correctly or want to improve your web design knowledge, online courses are a fantastic method for many individuals to advance in life and in their careers without having to invest large sums of money.

Online courses are becoming increasingly popular as a way to advance one's profession without spending a lot of money. You may also perform other interesting tasks like investing in the stock market or learning a new language from the comfort of your own. If you want to share your expertise online, the best option is to use one of WordPress's many LMS plugins.

A list of 24 open-source LMS

Open-source learning management systems are software that can be used for all kinds of online courses. They allow you to use the same tool from basic blog platforms to more advanced course functionalities such as tracking student progress, distributing assignments, and collecting grades.

Here is a list of 24 open-source LMS:

How can you make your BigBlueButton classroom more colorful?

Have you ever wished to use your own brand's colors in your online BigBlueButton classroom's background? Have you ever wanted to use an image as a background? Have you had any innovative ideas and desired to make some modifications to the UI of the BigBlueButton online classroom? Now is feasible, and the MynaParrot BigBlueButton API Manager makes it simple.

Case Study: Using LTI to Connect the BIgBlueButton on Canvas LMS

Some of the users still want to connect with BigBlueButton using LTI tools, even though the initial version of Canvas LMS includes the bigbluebutton canvas plugin. The main advantage is that you may gain certain extras with LTI tools. In this post, we'll look at how LTI can be used on Canvas LMS to link the BIgBlueButton.

How to use LTI to work with BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is popular in online learning, and more and more LMS want to connect with it. The majority of open-source LMS already includes plugins for BigBlueButton. For the private LMS provider, working with LTI is a good approach to get BigBlueButton integrated with LMS. Apart from creating the plugin themselves, they may also use it as an opportunity to work with LTI and integrate it into their own software.

In this post, we'll look at how to employ LTI with BigBlueButton a little further.

BigBlueButton VS Jitsi: What's Better For online classroom solution?

Two excellent open-source video conference systems, BigBlueButton and Jitsi, can be utilized for online classroom solutions. They both have advantages and disadvantages, but which one is superior? Which platform is better for an online class? In this post, we'll do a side-by-side comparison of these two platforms to assist you in your decision.

6 newly added features in bigbluebutton 2.4

The BigBlueButton developer team has been working quickly since their new version, bigbluebutton 2.4, is coming out next month (September 2021) with only a small water period of time after the release of bigbluebutton 2.3 which was just released in May 2021.

We have already set up a server for BigBlueButton 2.4, and if you are interested in testing it before release, please contact us.

In this blog, I will highlight some of the newly added features on version 2.4.

How to change camera background for bigbluebutton?

When using BigBlueButton for online education, many instructors want to have a virtual background such as zoom or other web-conferencing software. BigBlueButton does not currently have this feature built-in. However, the good news is in the underdeveloped version BigBlueButton 2.4, they have added this feature and the official release date is September. We are close to receiving it. You can get a quick overview of it on this link.

How to test BigBlueButton for free?

When you're trying to implement a bigbluebutton conference system into your learning platform, is better to do some tests first, than to start full-scale implementations.

But what kind of test could you do, without spending too much money, and taking too much time?

Why use breakout rooms and how to use it | bigbluebutton

Breakout rooms are a great way for remote online classroom students to collaborate and exchange ideas. They're also an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing and training. If you have been considering using breakout rooms in your online teaching, then here are some reasons why bigbluebutton breakout rooms might be the best solution!

Top 10 Moodle Plugins by Active Sites Installation

Moodle is a learning management system that allows you to create online courses, manage course content, and monitor student progress. Moodle plugins allow you to add additional features or functions to your site. There are thousands of plugins available for moodle with more being created all the time! In this article, we have compiled our top 10 favorite plugins from sites with more than 100 active installations.

How to get past meeting information in BigBlueButton?

By default BigBlueButton deletes all meeting details after you finish a meeting. If you recorded the session then few information can be obtained during playback of recordings, but if you didn't record the session then no way to get any information. In MynaParrot we store some basic meeting data like meeting name, meeting ID, internalMeetingID etc. We do not keep any information related to users in these meetings!

Roadmap for BigBlueButton (World Conference 2021)

Welcome to the roadmap for BigBlueButton. The post is dedicated to helping people grow the market for online learning by having more effective conversations online. More importantly, access to quality education is an alarming issue, as outlined by the United Nations.

5 steps to start an e-learning business

There has never been a time when learning has been as dynamic and accessible as we have it now. Learning can now be achieved in many ways, at any time and any place. The reason is not far-fetched. The rapid advancement in technology, coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, creates a new normal in almost every aspect of man's endeavors, and learning is not left out. Educational institutions and businesses now carry out some of their activities online.

6 Sistemas de gerenciamento de aprendizagem de código aberto (LMS) recomendados

O advento da tecnologia agora significa que a aquisição de habilidades não está mais restrita a locais físicos ou no local. O aprendizado agora acontece online. Instituições de ensino e empresas realizam agora suas palestras e treinamentos online, possibilitado com o Sistema de Gestão da Aprendizagem (LMS). 

O que é um Sistema de Gestão de Aprendizagem? 

Learning Management System software é um software de treinamento baseado em computador, que fornece uma plataforma onde pessoas de todas as esferas da vida e de todo o mundo se reúnem para aprender. 

Sistema de gestão de aprendizagem de código aberto 

Nem todos os Sistemas de Gerenciamento de Aprendizagem permitem que os usuários ajustem os aplicativos ao seu gosto por uma melhor experiência do usuário. No entanto, com o Sistema de Gerenciamento de Aprendizagem de Código Aberto, qualquer pessoa tem o direito de acessar o código-fonte, o que significa que o código-fonte do aplicativo LMS está disponível para download. Assim, qualquer desenvolvedor de software ou qualquer pessoa, não necessariamente um desenvolvedor de software, pode modificar o aplicativo. O desenvolvedor pode reutilizar e redistribuir o software sem quaisquer cobranças extras. 

Benefícios do Sistema de Gestão de Aprendizagem de Código Aberto 

Em muitos aspectos, o sistema de gestão de aprendizagem de código aberto tem muitos benefícios imensos para os usuários. Como qualquer desenvolvedor pode contribuir para o código-fonte, o software está sempre atualizado com o mundo em constante mudança do eLearning. Também não há necessidade inicial de custos de licenciamento, exceto para custos de implementação e personalização. 

No entanto, não importa o quão boa seja, há sempre pelo menos uma deficiência. Então, seria melhor se você também considerasse essas deficiências ao fazer sua escolha. Adivinha o quê? As deficiências são mais como atualização frequente. Por exemplo, você deve estar pronto para se adaptar aos recursos em constante mudança, e você deve considerar os custos de hospedagem. Caso isso, você terceiriza para especialistas. 

Dito isso, vamos levá-lo através de 6 sistemas eficazes de gerenciamento de aprendizagem de código aberto. 

1. Moodle 

O moodle pode ser usado tanto por empresas quanto por instituições de ensino. Ele permite criar conteúdo de aprendizagem e material de treinamento em mais de 100 idiomas e é gratuito. 

Se você está procurando um provedor de hospedagem Moodle fácil e econômico com instalação de 1 clique e manutenção da equipe de suporte profissional, você pode dar uma olhada no Scalahosting. 

2. Chamilo 

A Associação Chamilo é uma organização sem fins lucrativos fundada na Bélgica em 2010, com sua atual sede na Espanha desde 2014. Para respeitar sua neutralidade e forma sem fins lucrativos, a Associação Chamilo não oferece serviços profissionais a organizações que usam Chamilo. Esses serviços são assegurados por uma rede oficial de provedores. 

Se você está procurando um provedor Chamilo confiável com rica experiência de hospedagem e gerenciamento chamilo, você pode dar uma olhada em contidosdixitais 

3. Odoo 

A Odoo oferece o Odoo eLearning como uma plataforma de e-learning que permite criar cursos online e material de aprendizagem. Odoo também permite acompanhar o progresso dos funcionários. Graças ao recurso de feedback instantâneo, os funcionários podem comparar suas respostas com as certas assim que a avaliação acabar. A competitividade também é aprimorada, pois exibe os perfis dos melhores artistas. 

Com o Open edX, você pode criar vários cursos online, e seus funcionários podem acessar recursos de treinamento e se envolver em discussões ativas entre si. 

O edX aberto é gratuito. 

5. ATutor 

O ATutor permite que os usuários naveguem pelo conteúdo do curso, façam testes e revisem seu desempenho. Eles também podem sair de um teste no meio do caminho e retomar mais tarde. Com o editor de conteúdo, você pode criar conteúdo em HTML e texto simples. ATutor é absolutamente livre. 

A Forma LMS atende especialmente à classe executiva de usuários, pois ajuda os empregadores a treinar funcionários através de webinars, cursos auto-acelerados e sessões de treinamento ministradas por instrutores. 

Você chega aos funcionários do grupo com base em seus departamentos e função, e depois atribui cursos a eles, após os quais eles recebem certificados. A Forma LMS é gratuita, embora se você está apenas se inscrevendo como membro da associação, você tem que pagar uma taxa padrão. 


Estes 6 Sistemas de Gerenciamento de Aprendizagem de Código Aberto valem a pena considerar quando você quer levar seu aprendizado online. 

MynaParrot está desenvolvendo um sistema para ajudar as aulas online simples, fácil e rápida. Nossa sala de aula on-line baseada no popular software de conferência web BigBlueButton de código aberto. A solução pode ser facilmente integrada com um sistema de gestão de aprendizagem (LMS). Confira nossas  Soluções Premium BigBlueButton. Se você quiser fazer parceria conosco para promover seu negócio de LMS, entre  em contato conosco. Estamos oferecendo o  sistema BigBlueButton Reseller  que irá ajudá-lo a iniciar ou promover negócios de LMS online de forma mais eficiente. 


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