Simple and scalable with 1st class support.

If you want to include a web video conference solution to your e-learning business, we can help you to do it quickly.

Here are some of the main benefits for you

· You will have more business

By integrating high-demand products like an online video classroom to your business, you will gain more orders.

· You will have more free time.

Instead of maintaining the technology by yourself, outsourcing it to an experienced team like us will save you time.

· Your clients will be happy

By meeting your customers’ needs and giving them a reliable solution, they will be more engaged with you.

How To Start


Test and evaluation

Before you commit, feel free to test our products and services. We have 7 days of free testing and you can also visit the demo site for the reseller system.

Watch tutorial videos

Watch our tutorial videos as well as our other story videos on our Youtube Channel.

Understand how the system works

By testing our products and services, you will understand how our system works. It’s important that our system has the user limits as these are used to calculate usage.

Contact Us

After you test the product and make sure the system works for your business, contact us for the next steps.

Minimum Starting Package

  • Re-branding for your business (logo, URL, API, etc.)
  • MynaParrot load balancer system for BigBlueButton
  • MynaParrot and BigBlueButton client management system
  • MynaParrot meeting management system
  • MynaParrot’s unique features for BigBlueButton (RTMP, MP4, etc.)
  • WordPress integration
  • 200 concurrent users as the minimum starting order
  • Reseller discount pricing for all your new incoming orders
  • Full tech support and marketing support

MynaParrot Reseller FAQ

1. Can I use my logo, domain, favicon...?
Yes, we can fully customize based on your brand.

Some of Our Reseller Partners

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