The new open-source video conference software makes it simpler to integrate and personalize your video conferences.

People are relying more and more on internet-based video conferencing to conduct activities. It's becoming a part of everyone's daily lives. We've used the most popular video conferencing applications, such as ZOOM, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and others. The market is flourishing, therefore companies are developing new items to meet the unique demands of the consumers.

Nowadays, more and more people are searching for a video conferencing solution that may be readily integrated with their current systems and is flexible based on their unique branding or feature needs.

That is why MynaParrot created this innovative video conferencing software, which we call plugNmeet because the name says it all: it's simple to plug and meet.

This blog will look at this new program and see what the differences are and how they plan to fulfill the demand.


The name and its features.

The name was taken from the software's initial concept. We want to develop a video conference solution that is simple to connect with any current system to give the functionality of video conference.


For simplicity's sake, we'll keep it simple and just include the essential functions of a video conferencing system. And make the performance reach the industry standard level of good.

  1. HD audio and video call.
  2. HD Screensharing.
  3. Lock settings.
  4. Raise hand.
  5. Chatting with File sharing.
  6. MP4 Recordings.

Extended feature

  1. RTMP Broadcasting

You can use this functionality to live stream your meeting on YouTube, Facebook, or any other third-party platform.

Simplified integration

To make it simple to connect with any system is one of our goals with this software.

At the moment, we have the following plugins that are ready to use.

If you're using those systems, you may download the plugins from plugNmeet Github page and link up with your system in a matter of seconds.

Our developer community is still working to add new plugins for popular platforms.

If you want to develop the integration on your own, you can follow these API documents.

plugNmeet API 

plugNmeet SDK

Is simple and easy, within a few hours, everything can be configured well.

Personalization is readily available.

This is another goal for us to develop this new open-source video conference software.

Previously, if you wanted a customized URL and logo, as well as the color brand for your video conferencing system, you had to build your own server and then install an open-source video conference system.

It's not simple, because you'll need to acquire a server first, If you're a developer, then you can work on it directly; otherwise, you'll need to hire someone who knows how to do it. It will take a few days and the expense will be greater.

With plugNmeet video conference solution, this personalization become easier to have. No need to hire a server, you can find a plugNmeet commercial support company to open an account and get the API key to integrate with your system.

You may customize plugins settings on the configuration page after you have the API details. The meeting will be opened at your website's URL.

Even with a very small number of users. still, you can have your own meeting URL, logo, branding color, everything can be on your own.

With a few dollars budget, you can have your very own personalized online meeting space.

People who want to customize their online meeting rooms on a regular basis will benefit from this function. With plugNmeet, it is simple to do so.


Simplified integration, personalization, and other essential features are available with the new open-source video conference software called plugNmeet.

This software is developed to meet the needs of businesses who want an easy-to-use solution that is also flexible and customizable.

Try it out for your next meeting with plugNmeet and here is the demo link


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