How to solve the problem for Error connections ICE 1007 in BigBlueButton Meeting

For MynaParrot BBB users, some of them reported that they met this ICE 1007 error message when trying to join the meeting.

Then we need to find out the reason and solve it. You may think it is caused by bigbluebutton server or html5 client problems, or it may be related to IP address or port 80.

BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing system. It is web-based and needs to use a browser to join the meeting. The good point is users no need to download and install any applications in their devices. But it will require the user to configure some settings of the browser, especially for the first time. But mostly is ok and easy to use but still, you may meet some problems.

Today we are going to address this common issue for the BigBlueButton user.

ice 1007 reasons

For a short answer, the error caused by a firewall. 

WebRTC errors

1007: ICE negotiation failed - The browser and FreeSWITCH try to negotiate ports to use to stream the media, and that negotiation failed. Possible Causes:

NAT is blocking the connection

The firewall is blocking the UDP connection/ports

WebRTC offers very high-quality audio. However, the user’s network settings (or firewall) may not allow WebRTC to connect (or keep connected).



ice 1007 Solutions

First of all, for a developer, need to check your BigBlueButton server configuration.  If your server doesn’t have a TURN server configuration then your user will face a problem if they are accessing behind a firewall. Setup the TURN server, you should get better results.

For how to set up the TURN server, you can refer to this official BigBlueButton Development Doc

If you are sure you already did the TURN server and everything configured correctly

But the user still may meet this problem 

What should we do?

From our experience, the most practical way from the user end to solve it is to try the following methods.

The most practical way to solve it is to try the following methods.

  1. Try a few times more, and some times it resolved by itself.
  2. Try to restart your computer or mobile devices.
  3. Try with another browser or update your browser to the latest version.
  4. Try with another internet provider if possible.
  5. Try with other devices. 


The reason is sometimes the problem caused by unknown reasons. To detect it or solve it, really take time, for the user, you may only have a few minutes to fix this issue since you need to join a course. Therefore just quickly try those suggestions and find a way it works. 

Based on our experience, if your BigBlueButton server configured correctly, then try those solutions from the user’s end,  the problem will be solved. 

If you still can’t solve the problem by doing those. Please contact us, and we will help you to solve this problem as soon as possible.

If you don’t have an account, try it free from here.

Can integrate with your Moodle, WordPress, Chamilo, or other LMS in a minute. After that, you can test it and see if this BigBlueButton ICE 1007 error messages still happened or not.

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