Moodle VS Canvas - Which System Is Better?

Just a few months ago, when looking at a few threads on Moodle forums, where most people were asking about the most effective internet platform to use, came across this comment from a fellow Moodle user: "I'd choose Moodle over Canvas". That thread was launched by one of their own purchasers. It was subsequently posted in several other areas all over the world-wide web, and I feel that there has been a range of other threads like this one.

The discussion brought up a good group of things, that we will discuss here briefly. Here is the crucial difference between the two internet platforms.

After we started that the Moodle project nearly a couple of years ago, we were doing something completely new in comparison to that which most other platforms provide now. Simply speaking, we were creating an online education platform. Now, there are scores of different e-learning organizations offering the identical program as we all did. However, the fact is the way in which we are delivering eLearning content has shifted radically, notably the simple fact we've managed to take our technology and run with it to deliver classes that are high quality with hardly any learning curve. Thus, I would say that whether you should be taking a look at an e-learning application, you really ought to start looking into Moodle because it offers a very tidy, very organized approach to delivering online learning.

So, what's the Major distinct between Moodle Compared to Canvas? In short, both are pretty much the same solution but that which makes them better compared to each other? To be able to answer this particular specific question, it is vital to comprehend exactly how we compare the two systems. In summary, the largest difference between the two is your style in which they send articles. Each system offers quite a standard set of modules (text, videos, games, etc..)

Canvas offers a very stiff learning experience through rigid grading and grading criteria. The theory behind that is that they want to ensure that their customers have a good understanding of the technology behind the path that they're taking. This can work; nevertheless, the sensation that you gain out of carrying a coordinated course through Moodle is more flexible and much more enjoyable. To begin with, the graded content is delivered "on the fly" through Moodle and the grading system there's a lot more automated. In addition, you will find no rigid grading criteria.

So far as functionality goes, both the approaches have plenty. Canvas actually has a larger selection of functionality options in comparison to Moodle. You can very quickly create unique modules (grades) and associate names with the categories. However, together with Moodle, you cannot associate category names with individual ranges. You may only go as far as to specify what each module looks like - that limits your creativity.

Community service has ever been a big draw for Moodle also it continues with the debut of the Community Builder. In addition to having the capacity to create groups and communities within the application, it is possible to invite others to combine with your "friends" list and apply the forums and social media capabilities that enable one to create new information and solicit feedback from other users about products and services. With community service, you receive immediate access to the newest tips and information about new information products, fresh products which are being released, and you can go the extra mile from posting any questions that you may have about any element of the program. 

When you compare the two platforms, what many educational associations are really looking to get in terms of integration and functionality will be the multimedia capacities. Moodle includes a larger breadth of modules compared to Canvas. In addition, it offers a high quality of video and sound. It is expected that the next several years will see more multimedia content come available for classrooms around the planet. The addition of photo chat and sharing capabilities could soon be much more comprehensive than what is available currently.

For educational institutions that are looking for a simple and easy-to-use learning management system, they should definitely consider Moodle VS Canvas. Both platforms possess strong points of the course, if you are trying to make a determination between these, it might be best to take a closer look at the flaws and strengths of each. Both platforms are very affordable. And whether you're a teacher or student, there is probably an application that'll meet your wants.