Is big blue button or bigbluebutton or BigBlueButton?

The user always gets confused about the correct written format name of BigBlueButton, which is not so critical for the user to use the bigbluebutton service. But, to clear your curiosity, we have written this article to let you know the correct format. And also, why is it named bigbluebutton? 

What is the correct name? 

Let´s try to search those 3 names on Google. And see if the results will get something different or not. 

  • Search big blue button on Google.

We see google will suggest you search bigbluebutton in one word together instead of 3 words separately. 

This means big blue button was not the correct written format of bigbluebutton, and you should put them together. 

However, Google is brilliant and can understand what you are looking for and will show almost the same results as searching for bigbluebutton. 

Based on our experience, new users of BigBlueButon or non-developer background users always type [big blue button] since those more make sense if you don´t know bigbluebutton. Also, the big blue button is much easier to remember and type on the keyboard. 


  • Search bigbluebutton or BigBlueButton

Google doesn´t give any suggestions to correct your search words, and also, the search results are the same no matter which words you type in for the Google search. 

At least for the Google search engine, he thinks those 2 words are the same. 

But officially, BigBlueButton is the correct written format for this open-source video conference software. Each letter of B should be a Capital letter. 

Sometimes we use BBB to stand for the name of BigBlueButton. It is easier to speak and write, and if you know BigBlueButton for a while, probably, you will do the same. 

Suppose you know bigbluebutton for a long time and followed the development of bigbluebutton. In that case, I am sure you will become aware of this and officially use BigBlueButton, not bigbluebutton, nor big blue button.

Why named BigBlueButton? 

The BigBlueButton name comes from the initial concept that starting a web conference should be as simple as pressing a metaphorical big blue button

I did a lot of research on the internet and found this sentence, which is the initial concept of the name of BigBlueButton.

According to the bigbluebutton page on Wikipedia, In 2007, the project was started at Carleton University by the Technology Innovation Management program. The first version was written by Richard Alam (it was initially called the Blindside project) under the supervision of Tony Bailetti.

From 2007 to 2021, 14 years old of BigBlueButton still keep the initial concept and trying to make the web conference system easier and more focused on the online learning market. 

Most of the Learning Management System has original bigbluebutton plugins and make it easier for learners to access the software. 

From BigBlueButton version 1.0 to BigBlueButton version 2.3, we see the changes are enormous. Many new features have been added with any new version released to adapt to the latest technology and fit with online learning requirements. 

BigBlueButton is open-source software and has been forked 5.5K times on Github. It gets thousands of active developers working on it and keeps refining the system for better performance. 

You can watch this video to learn a brief history of bigbluebutton. 

All the above information is based on our research and working experience with BigBlueButton.

MynaParrot builds a system based on BigBlueButton to make online classrooms simple, easy, and fast. Take a free trial at this link, and you can start to use bigbluebutton in a minute. 

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