Top 10 Moodle Plugins by Active Sites Installation

Moodle is a learning management system that allows you to create online courses, manage course content, and monitor student progress. Moodle plugins allow you to add additional features or functions to your site. There are thousands of plugins available for moodle with more being created all the time! In this article, we have compiled our top 10 favorite plugins from sites with more than 100 active installations.

1 .H5P

H5P is installed on 24,344 active Moodle sites.

H5P is a free, open-source web authoring tool. It allows you to create interactive content in the form of visual quizzes, live demonstrations, and games. H5P provides HTML5 based content that can be published either online or offline as a Java applet or mobile app.

2 BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is installed on 20,939 active Moodle sites.

BigBlueButton is a meeting and webinar platform that allows for live interaction between presenter and attendees. It can be used to deliver online courses, trainings, seminars and meetings.

BigBlueButton is a cloud-based webinar platform that allows for live interaction between presenter and attendees through a browser.

3 Moove

Moove is installed on 20,308 active Moodle sites.

Moove is an online interactive learning platform for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn together in multi-player, live online classes. With over 2 million visits per month from registered users in 178 countries worldwide, Moove has delivered more than 13 thousand classes so far - all live!

4 Customer Certificate

Customer Certificate is installed on 19,329 active Moodle sites.

Customer Certificate provides a way to create digital certificates for your courses. Customers can then download these and share them with their peers, employers or other stakeholders

5 Adaptable 

Adaptable is installed on 19,020 active Moodle sites.

Adaptable is a fully customizable, responsive and ADA-compliant course authoring tool. It's been designed to present courses in an accessible

6 Attendance 

Attendance is installed on 16,240 active Moodle sites.

Attendance is a plugin that can be used to record attendance. It helps you keep track of course participation, which makes it easier for instructors

7 Questionnaire

Questionnaire is installed on 14,492 active Moodle sites.

Questionnaire is a Moodle plugin that offers advanced questionnaires for collecting data. It includes two modes: single-question mode and questionnaire builder

8 Configure report

Configure report is installed on 13,745 active Moodle sites.

Configure report is a Moodle plugin that provides reporting features and data exporting. It also enables you to export reports in various formats

9 Zoom Meeting

Zoom meeting is installed on 11,569 active Moodle sites.

Zoom meeting is an online meeting and webinar software. It can be used to deliver online courses, trainings, seminars or meetings

10 Fordson

Fordson is installed on 11,340 active Moodle sites.

Fordson is a Moodle plugin that provides an interface for you to create and manage assignments. It also includes features like assignment submission, grading, and feedback.

There are many plugins that are not in this top 10, but they are still helpful. If you need a plugin to do something specific, then there is probably one available.

We hope this list of the most popular plugins for Moodle has been helpful. Now that you know which ones to choose, it's time to start using them in your own course creation and management process. Getting a handle on all of these features now will make creating courses more efficient later on! Which plugin are you excited about? Let us know below 



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