How to get past meeting information in BigBlueButton?

By default BigBlueButton clean all the meeting information as soon as you'll end the meeting. If you recorded the session then few information you can get during playback of recordings but if you didn't record the session then BigBlueButton will delete all information. In MynaParrot BigBlueButton we store few basic meeting information like meeting name, meeting ID, internalMeetingID etc. We don't store any user related information!

We're offering a API method getPastMeetingInfo which can be use to retrieve past meeting information. You can check the details procedure from here: BigBlueButton past meeting info API. If you want to get more details about a meeting like users activities, details meeting events, users talking time, response etc then can use processMynaReport API method. You can find details from here: Report processing API.

This API methods are available with any of our packages including 7 days free trial. Feel free to try & let us know if you've any questions.