How to show external games/contents/quizzes inside BigBlueButton room?

In MynaParrot BigBlueButton service you'll be able to display external contents inside your BigBlueButton room. Sometime clients want their students/attendees to participant a quiz or html5 games which is the part of their online training. Using our new remote content loading feature will allow you to load external contents/URL inside BigBlueButton room. This feature will also work in breakout rooms too.

How it will work?

Your teacher/moderator will require to insert remote URL & that URL will load inside BigBlueButton room. Under the hood it will be using HTML Iframe to load the contents. The website/contents will be loaded automatically for all the participant & they can go further with it. System will allow to send few extra parameters with the link like Meeting ID, User name, User ID etc. so that remote system can verify or do further process.

Let’s get started

1) Join to your BigBlueButton session as moderator. Now click on + icon from left bottom side & select “Display External URL (Iframe)”.

2) Now insert external link in the Add URL field & click on “Start” button. If you want to send extra values then can check the values you want to send.

It should be load contents like this:


Working with Extra value:

If you check any of the options under “Send Extra value” options then it will add those value with your URL & remote system can fetch using GET request. For example, you have a remote quiz system & that accept user’s name, id & meeting external ID. So, you’ve inserted URL: & selected value for User name, User Id & Meeting External Id. So, our system will automatically change the above URL like this:

Now your system can verify those information & forward users to correct link.


Note: Make sure your remote URL will allow to load contents inside iframe otherwise user will get error message. Also, this content won’t be recorded with BBB session. Checkout our BigBlueButton services & BigBlueButton Hosting.